I like that my employer uses StaffStat. It’s easy. I get quite a few extra shifts through StaffStat. It’s just so simple to use.

Brandy D. PSW, Chartwell London LTC
Jennifer Cornell

StaffStat is user-friendly, reliable, and fast.

Jennifer Cornell Director OF LTC, Grey County
Angela Patrick COO/Administrator, FINLANDIA VILLAGE
Myles Brett

I can sit down with someone and train them in 10 minutes.
It’s very user-friendly.

Myles Brett Nursing Scheduler, St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa
Darren Micallef Executive Director, Sprucedale Care Centre

Our facility went from spending 20 minutes posting for shifts to a maximum of 1.5 minutes most days. When you are busy with many tasks, you need a system that is friendly, quick and easy-to-use. The staff have adjusted well to the new process and cannot believe how simple it is. The response time of staff is quick because it is easy for them. I cannot think of an easier way to complete the demanding task of filling shifts.

Jennifer Desormeaux Ward Clerk, Espanola Regional Hospital
and Health Centre
Louise Lepp Executive Director, Aldaview Services
Myles Brett

We're able to see less overtime, less sick calls...ultimately, this increases our resident care.


Work life before StaffStat was frustrating, tedious and very time consuming. I would drive into work, knowing what I was walking into – 4 sick calls from 4 different departments. I would spend hours on the phone leaving voicemail messages and often, by the time I had called everyone, the shift had already started.

Christina VanDruenen Staffing Coordinator, Finlandia Village

StaffStat has put approximately 5 hours back into our day, just with the sheer amount of things we can get taken care of in seconds instead of minutes with a blast text instead of waiting for voicemails. It's completely restructured the expectations of what we can accomplish in one day!

Shannon MacDonald Scheduling Coordinator, Timmins and District Hospital

StaffStat has been most useful to me in reducing time needed to replace staff. I am able to simply input the appropriate shift information and send it out to staff. This allows me to focus on looking after residents rather than being on the phone.

Brianne Plante Registered Nurse, Finlandia Village

StaffStat is amazing. We get to know about shifts on time and get reminders as well.

Manpreet K PSW, Royal Rose Place

Easy to use. Fastest way to be notified for shifts.

Sarah B RPN, Lee Manor