“14 Tips to Filling More Shifts” Checklist – Free Download

“14 Tips to Filling More Shifts” Checklist – Free Download

Want to learn how to fill shifts quickly and easily at your long term care home? Check out the below preview of our “14 Tips to Filling More Shifts” Checklist, and don’t forget to download the PDF for full access to all 14 tips.

1) Be mindful of post time!

Shifts posted between 8am and 10am get the highest shift fill rate. Be sure to post your open shifts first thing in the morning to get the best results.

2) Days of the week matter too!

Posting on Tuesdays gives you an advantage as this is the highest staff engagement day on StaffStat.

3) Outsource open shifts.

We recognize that sometimes your own staff won’t be able to cover your open shifts. The best part about StaffStat is that it provides you with a direct link to the best back-up plan in LTC – Plan A! With one click, post your unfilled shifts to a reliable and compassionate pool of thoroughly screened healthcare professionals. To learn more, download the full checklist for free below.