LIVE WEBINAR: LTC Staffing Strategy 101

LIVE WEBINAR: LTC Staffing Strategy 101

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Let's talk strategy! Find out how your Long Term Care home can achieve staffing success in 3 easy steps.

Join Melanie Morin, CEO of StaffStat, and Mandy Gauthier, CEO of Plan A for a live webinar on Tuesday, June 15th at 1pm ET to learn:

-How StaffStat’s automated shift-filling software, and Plan A’s LTC staffing agency can benefit your long term care home.

-How to boost employee morale and engagement through use of our broadcasting tool.

-How to predict and prepare for future staffing shortages in advance.

Our Speakers:

Melanie Morin, CEO, StaffStat

In 2015, Melanie Morin was named Chief Executive Officer of StaffStat, a software solution that optimizes scheduling and shift coverage for the healthcare industry. With an extensive background in employment services, Mel was previously the Director of Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment, where the concept for StaffStat’s time-saving technology originated. She has led StaffStat since its inception.

Mel recognizes the headaches managers face when a long-term care home’s frontline staff or nurse can’t show up at work and is required to call-out to staff to fill a shift. She spends her days analyzing data and leading the magical energy that continually improves the StaffStat product. Her unrelenting commitment is to our clients: helping them save time, eliminating stress, and ensuring seniors’ health and well-being under their care.

Mandy Gauthier, CEO, Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment

Since January 2021, Mandy Gauthier has served as Chief Executive Officer of Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment. Mandy joined Plan A as a recruiter in 2014, serving in various leadership roles with Plan A and StaffStat, Inc. before returning to lead Plan A as CEO.

In her role as CEO, Mandy leads team members and long term care partners on a mission to serve Canada’s aging population. Mandy has instilled a culture of compassion, trust, and respect across the organization, inspiring Plan A owners to lead with kindness as they care for our senior community. Her encouraging leadership style has paid off -- the Plan A business model has expanded across Ontario and British Columbia, with growth planned in each of Canada’s beautiful provinces.

 Who Should Attend:

LTC Home Administrators

LTC Home Executive Directors

Directors of Care


Directors of Nursing

HR Managers

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