Everything You Need to Know About StaffStat's Healthcare Shift-Filling Software

Everything You Need to Know About StaffStat's Healthcare Shift-Filling Software

If you work in a long-term care or senior living facility then you know, although it’s a very rewarding career, it can be challenging at times. Turnover rates are consistently high as caregivers fight stress and overwhelm. Meanwhile, our vulnerable aging populations continue to require care. 

StaffStat was born to meet the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. We understand the tough task of filling shifts in a fast-paced, always changing, and high-stakes environment. 

Our intuitive automated shift filling software helps your long-term care facility fill open shifts more efficiently, boosts productivity, and relieves stress for employees. With StaffStat, your employees can get back to doing what they were meant to - providing the best possible care for their patients.

How StaffStat Helps Long Term Care Homes, Administrators, and Charge Nurses

With our technology, you can connect with all of your staff at once using multiple notification options. StaffStat allows you to cover shift requests in seconds, as well as create shift requests from anywhere, at any time. Here’s what customers love about StaffStat:

Save Time 

Time is a precious resource in long-term care and senior care homes, where the average resident to staff ratio is 8 to 1 staff average ratio during the day, and 32 to 1 at night. 

Care homes may get several sick calls in a single day. Normally when an employee calls in sick or misses their shift, the whole team is affected. The scheduling manager or supervisor on duty has to call a list of people to see who can cover, and the other caregivers have to take on extra duties while they wait for a replacement. 

StaffStat allows teams to bounce back quicker from unexpected schedule changes by automating the shift-filling process. You can post an available shift in seconds, and let the technology do the rest. All available employees will be notified automatically via text, email, phone call, or notification via the app and they can respond automatically too. That means more shifts covered, faster. 

Nurses and administrators spend less time making phone calls to fill last-minute shifts. If they’re not worrying about filling shifts, they can focus on caring for patients. We did the math, across the board, StaffStat customers have saved a combined 459,900 hours annually on scheduling!

Boost Employee Morale

Our customers report that using StaffStat has led to increased staff engagement and morale in their organization. There are a few reasons for that. StaffStat is more convenient for employees since they get notifications via their preferred methods of communication. 

Communication is improved because everything is documented within the platform. Your staff can see their schedule online or the app at any time, so there are fewer miscommunications about shift changes. Good communication is the first step to happier teams.

Also, employees like being empowered to handle shift-filling independently. With StaffStat, they can pick up shifts in seconds.

Save Money 

Time is money, which means every hour saved is money that can go back into your organization. Not only that, but StaffStat collects ongoing data that will help you spot trends and predict your shift needs over time. 

StaffStat’s Predictive Posting™ AI analyzes historical scheduling patterns for past open shifts and anticipates your staffing needs. This means you can spot scheduling inefficiencies, see where you’re overscheduling or experiencing gaps, and plan ahead for crunch times and seasonal slumps. 

With an accurate picture of your staffing needs, you schedule more effectively and decrease overtime. Of course, higher morale means lower turnover, which means money saved on recruitments, onboarding, training, and downtime.  

Quick and Easy Setup

With StaffStat there are:

  • No setup costs
  • No annual fees
  • No installation required

Our team will guide you through the entire implementation process, from site set up to onboarding, and training. In most cases, your organization should be fully up and running with StaffStat within two weeks.

When you work with StaffStat, you’ll also receive free 24/7 customer support. We’re always working to improve the platform, and all upgrades become available free to customers as they’re released. 

To see how our intuitive shift-filling software can transform your long-term care organization, schedule a demo of StaffStat today!