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Born out of the challenges that make up a regular day in the staffing industry - StaffStat® is a simple, quick, and effective way to get shifts covered. StaffStat® is a versatile application that will relieve the frustrations of filling shifts in any industry.

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Our versatile technology.

StaffStat® technology allows you to contact all of your employees for shifts, using their preferred method of communication (app, telephone, email, and/or text) within seconds! Fill the gaps in your schedule with an accurate, organized and efficient tool.

How It Works?
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Management Team.

Sheri Tomchick

Sheri Tomchick, President

Sheri Tomchick is one of the North’s leading authorities on methodologies for sustaining our health care system while dealing with an aging population. Combining a mixture of professional experience, strong leadership skills and sound knowledge of problem solving, Sheri works with Long Term Care homes to bring elements of forward thinking, team building and an effective approach to getting things done. She is the visionary and President of both Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment, Canada's only long term care staffing strategy, and StaffStat®, Inc., an innovative solution built to fill shifts in seconds!

Sheri approaches every aspect of both of her companies from the vantage point of 15 years of experience in health care through social work, nursing and teaching. Her natural enthusiasm, attention to detail and determination to make only the most qualified and compassionate health care professionals available to her community has become her mission. As a Director on the board of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and as a participant in the Start-up Company Committee she has made evident her passion for a strong entrepreneurial base in her city. Sheri also lends her hard working and caring nature as a member of the Sudbury Women’s Centre Board where she develops mutually beneficial partnerships and engages members and volunteers in productive and impactful work.

Sheri was the 2014 winner of the Bell Business Excellence award for Entrepreneur of the Year. She also won the People’s Choice award at the NORCAT Innovation Mill’s inaugural Pitch event, where she pitched her software, StaffStat®. She is continuously involved in personal and professional development and enjoys community focused events and volunteer opportunities.

Mel Morin

Mel Morin, CEO

As the CEO of StaffStat® Inc, Mel Morin has full administrative and representational powers of this fast moving and growing software company. Born as an in house solution for Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions, StaffStat® is a quick, methodical and accurate web based shift filling solution allowing employers to fill sick calls and open shifts in their schedules.

After earning a B.A. in General Arts, with minors in English and Psychology, Mel dedicated 10 years to practical experience in disability management. With a passion for assisting and making a change within a vulnerable population, an opportunity to work with Plan A was the ideal next step. Plan A allowed Mel to gain further knowledge in HR, operations, marketing and finance making her transition to the role of CEO at StaffStat®, Inc., a logical and simple one. In any situation, she excels and prides herself on providing professional and quality customer service to clients and customers. With an intuitive sense for entrepreneurship, creative solution based thinking, desire for growth and resolute with ambition, she has definitely found her dream job.

Megan Patrakka

Megan Patrakka, Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager for StaffStat®, Megan is responsible for creating all marketing content within the company—social media advertisements, promotional items, print materials and more.

Additionally, she creates, posts, sponsors and monitors all ads and updates across StaffStat®'s various social media accounts. She also receives, edits and posts content created by the team to publish to the company's blog on a daily basis.

She assists in the planning of sponsoring and attending various conferences related to the health care industry, such as OANHSS, OLTCA, OCSA, and Community Living Ontario. Such tasks include the purchasing of promotional items and the creation of informational handouts, print ads, delegate kit inserts and more.

Sales and Support Management Team.

Julie Lachapelle

Julie Lachapelle, Client Success Manager

Julie is a recent graduate from the 3 year Business Administration - Marketing Program. Eager to contribute to her community, she worked as a Student Ambassador at Cambrian College for 3 years. She is excited to make a positive contribution to StaffStat as she loves to learn and take on new challenges. Julie has excellent problem solving and organizational skills, and with 5+ years of customer service experience, she looks forward to working with StaffStat customers throughout the onboarding process.

Michael Legendre

Michael Legendre, Client Services Manager

Michael brings various knowledge and skills to the table as a Client Services Manager. Garnering over 10 years in the business/health and fitness industry, Michael has been in diverse roles such as an educational instructor, manager, fitness trainer and team sales leader. He consistently seeks to provide a positive and lasting relationship with his clients, peers and community members. Naturally, Michael is extremely excited in continuing to positively impact the healthcare sector and we are just as excited to have him on our team!

What our clients are saying.

"An easy and effective shift filling tool."

StaffStat is an easy and effective shift filling tool. Its intuitive and easy navigation permits you to connect with staff and post shifts fast and efficiently. No more long calling lists that never end.

Carole Racine
Scheduling Coordinator – Au Chateau Home for the Aged

"Supervisors are happy – the budget is happy!"

StaffStat has allowed us to discontinue use of a “Scheduler” staff person who would manually make calls to off-duty staff on a call-in list. Significant ANNUALIZED savings have resulted. In addition, StaffStat staff have been stellar in their immediate attention to our specific needs and questions. Staff are happy, supervisors are happy – the budget is happy!

Leighton T. Roslyn
Executive Director, Community Living Greater Sudbury

"I couldn’t be happier with the decision."

The StaffStat system really shines when it comes to covering last-minute shifts due to its ease of use and responsiveness. Our staff has also provided very positive feedback about the convenience of the text messages and push notifications through the app. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to leverage StaffStat for OFRA’s scheduling needs.

Paul Belair
CEO, The Ontario Finnish Resthome Association

"A vital partner in this time of crisis."

Thank you to you and your entire team for being not only proactive during this unprecedented time but your commitment, professionalism and communication to our home. Spencer House appreciates your assistance and how “on-top of things” StaffStat is with everything going on. Thank you for being such a vital partner in this time of crisis.

Traci Van Grinsven
Executive Director, Spencer House

Industry leaders who use StaffStat®.